About Us

At Adena Data we've made it our mission to help students and educators become successful. We want to help you find the resources you need in the world to reach your goals.

Do you need some help with curriculum you've been writing? Are you continuing student, an international student, or just starting out on your educational adventure?

We're here to help. Here's what we cover:

We Edit

  • Books, curriculum, and research papers for educators.
  • Student papers, including essays, research papers and even theses for comprehension and clarity.
  • Grant writing, proposals, mission and purpose statements.
  • Websites, biographies, blog entries, and pretty much anything else you've written that need the eyes of a trained professional.

Our Clients

We've worked for clients who speak English as a Second Language (ESL) as well as those who are multilingual or fluent. Our mission is focus on education and people – we love passionate people and it's our mission help your organization grow and succeed in its mission, too.

Our Editors

Are you looking for help with editing your educational papers or documents? We’ve been there. In fact, our experience in nontraditional education settings gives us a unique perspective on the challenges modern students face. That’s why so much of our focus is on helping students grow and succeed.

We take our reputation for excellence seriously, and our staff holds themselves to high standards. However, we will also help you creatively, helping you expand your ideas and asking questions to help you improve your work.

All of our editors are either current or former tenured professors, associate professors, adjunct professors, writing center tutors, journalists, or published authors. 100% of our editors also all have at least a master’s degree from an accredited university or college within the continental United States.

We're here to help you communicate clearly and effectively – WITH CLARITY.

Don't get caught off guard with last minute edits. Wouldn't you like to have your own editors on standby every month? We offer incredibly affordable packages to help fit any editing budget.