About Us


I wanted to do something different. I love editing but after working for so many years at different colleges I witnessed too many bad students who were one paper away from being good, good students who were one project from being great, and great students who were one half grade from being the best. It was then I realized that all I cared about was student success. Success that was accessible to everyone.

When I started AD Editing in 2015, I knew it had to be student focused. I wanted an editing company that didn’t prioritize pricing by overcharging or free bots that couldn’t tell you that a sentence needed a little more “umph” or that a paper was so great that it reminded me of a day winter day in Central Park (something I actually said in a tutoring session by the way). At AD Editing we know who we are: We are Tutors, Writing Center Staff, Professors, Writers, Authors, and Most Importantly, We Are Educators.

Well, what makes us different than everyone else?

  1. AD editing is at least 75% cheaper than the leading editing firms for similar return speeds.
  2. All submissions are edited by two editors to make sure all bases were covered and nothing was missed.
  3. Unlike our competitors, we don’t actually keep any of your documents at any point. We operate almost solely through Google Docs and Microsoft Word Online. You can simply give us the share link and we will start editing. That way your writing remains your writing. We have an upload option as well where we delete submissions immediately after completion.
  4. All documents are edited within 24 hours of submission. Complete with grammar checks, comments, ideas, and even a simulated grade if you need one.
  5. We have an Integrated Chat with Your Editor Function where you can talk directly to your editor in real-time. If you see your editor working on your paper or you want them to keep something in mind while editing, you can ask questions and you can have a conversation about the elements of your paper. You can even chat with your editor a full week after completion delivery.

At AD Editing we are trying to help all writers become BETTER Writers. We don’t want to only tell you how much work you need to do to “pass” but how to pass and become a better writer so you can one day never have to hire an editor again. This our pledge to ourselves and to you.


Onward and Upward



Founder of AD Editing